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Promo001 is an initiative to all bloggers who want to promote your blog. This meme is to improve the indexability, and page rank of our blogs on Google. To participate all you have to do is add your blog to the list and write a blog entry about copying Promo001 all this input and blogs that are on the list. Remember to leave a comment in the official entry to update the general list and retransmit all blogs and more.

List of links:

  1. The Incredible Packman
  2. WordPress Templates
  3. Joomla Templates
  4. Know Your Taxes
  5. Sauzalito's Men
  6. All About Soccer Now
  7. I suggest you ...
  8. FolkTango
  9. Resurfacing
  10. Joomla Help
  11. Apple Territory
  12. Ando adrift and lost in space
  13. (Your link goes here! But first, please copy this line and move it one space down to be used by the next Blogger)

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