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God and Monsters - Wordpress template for blog of mystery

A great theme, suitable for a blog of legends and terror. It has a somewhat peculiar header with two people he went out of the template. Supports a single column placed on the left, to put all the blocks you want. The news are placed on the right giving a special touch. A great theme.

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MangoOrange. Free WordPress Template with Apple style

i3theme-_-mangoorange Is possibly MangoOrange WordPress style template for Apple's most famous internet. This template has multiple versions available to meet the needs of all users. You can download versions with 3 columns or 2 columns. Also you can choose the layout of the sidebars. In version 3 column 2 sidebars can go left or right or 2 to 1 on each side, while in version 2 columns you can place the sidebar on the right side or left side. Another option is to choose the template has a fluid width or fixed width. This template is available anywhere blue, green, red and pink.

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Mobile free wordpress template Flow

Mobile flow template Flow Mobile is a free WordPress template has 3 columns. The colors used in this template are black, gray and green. This ready to use widgets and includes buttons for RSS. The two sidebars that have this template are on the left side. Also the width of this template is fixed Ideal for a blog on mobile phones.

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