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LightWord - wordpress template


This is a very simple template for wordpress. Supports a column to its right. On his left are published the news in a comfortable and stylish. Their colors and lack of pictures make it perfect for a good SEO optimization. It is free and has colors like white, gray and black.

Light Word - free wordpress template (1553)

Shine - WordPress Template


This is a fantastic template for wordpress. It's very nice for its blue color, with black and green touch. It has support for a column on the right. You can post a top post at the top left, and go below the normal news. Professionalism gives the blog, other than elegance. It's a great template for wordpress

Shine - free wordpress Template (3411)

Fusion - wordpress template


An elegant and effective template for your wordpress. It has bright colors and a touch of gray in the header. Your news are stored in a zig-zag, ie a left and another to the right, being smart and tidy. It has a column header empeza above, just in the right place can so many blocks as you want. A piece of template

Download | free wordpress template Fusion

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DarkLight - template for wordpress


This is another fantastic template for wordpress, which has colors like black and orange. He has a great header, which can be modified to put one our. It has hosted a column on the right and the news published on the left. It's a great theme for its design and support.

Darklight. Free wordpress template (1585)

Mario Forever: template for nostalgic


Remember the hours you passed in front of the screen with your good friend Mario Bros? Well now you can pay tribute to your WordPress and use this template with dark tones body and a head full of color. You can not avoid the temptation to dust off your old Nintendo!

Mario Forever: a template for nostalgic (1139)

Simplesticulous: wordpress template for FREE!

From PW we present a template for WordPress that stands out for its simplicity but not without this meaning that it is a very attractive design for a personal blog. In its original design has two-column layout and is also ready for adsense template. Furthermore, this tested in: Firefox, Opera, IE7, Safari, Netscape and Google Chrome so no unpleasant situations we find when changing web browser.

Simplesticulous: wordpress template for free! (1310)

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