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Shine - WordPress Template


This is a fantastic template for wordpress. It's very nice for its blue color, with black and green touch. It has support for a column on the right. You can post a top post at the top left, and go below the normal news. Professionalism gives the blog, other than elegance. It's a great template for wordpress

Shine - free wordpress Template (3481)

Fusion - wordpress template


An elegant and effective template for your wordpress. It has bright colors and a touch of gray in the header. Your news are stored in a zig-zag, ie a left and another to the right, being smart and tidy. It has a column header empeza above, just in the right place can so many blocks as you want. A piece of template

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DarkLight - template for wordpress


This is another fantastic template for wordpress, which has colors like black and orange. He has a great header, which can be modified to put one our. It has hosted a column on the right and the news published on the left. It's a great theme for its design and support.

Darklight. Free wordpress template (1625)