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Pix - Free Wordpress Theme

Today we bring you another wordpress template that is very attractive for its design. It has support for a column on your right, to customize all the widgets you need. The posts are published in the left column, getting the most elegance and quality. Definitely one of the best templates for wordpress that would fit perfectly on a blog, movies or similar.

Pix - free wordpress Theme (1458)

The last fall - wordpress template for web of mysteries

This is the best wordpress template I've seen so far is black in color with orange mixture. It has support for a column on left. Their reports in the right, make this template look professional and elegant. It is quite special to blogs mystery, legends and terror. Highly recommended.

The last fall - Wordpress Template (1473)

God and Monsters - Wordpress template for blog of mystery

A great theme, suitable for a blog of legends and terror. It has a somewhat peculiar header with two people he went out of the template. Supports a single column placed on the left, to put all the blocks you want. The news are placed on the right giving a special touch. A great theme.

Download Gods and Monsters (854)

Pyrmont v2 - Free Theme for WordPress

Pyrmont v2 is a free wordpress theme which has blacks, and oranges. It has support for gadgets and is created to have only a right column with all the blocks you want to add. The news are framed by a clip at the top left corner indicating the date. It is an incredibly attractive theme.

Pyrmont Download v2 (553)

Promo001 Join

Promo001 is an initiative to all bloggers who want to promote your blog. This meme is to improve the indexability, and page rank of our blogs on Google. To participate all you have to do is add your blog to the list and write a blog entry about copying Promo001 all this input and blogs that are on the list. Remember to leave a comment in the official entry to update the general list and retransmit all blogs and more.

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