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Movie World. Template free wordpress blog theater

movieworld Movie World is an ideal template for a blog for movie buffs or movies online. This template is designed for two columns and has a fixed width. It has a sidebar on the right ready to use widgets. The colors used are white, gray and black.

Movie World. Template for film blogs (2001)

Xtreme. Amazing Free Wordpress template

xtreme Xtreme is a wordpress template that can be used as 2 columns or 3 columns. It has fixed width and a sidebar on the right ready for widgets. It has a slider that lets you preview images in the header and link to the website you wish. It also has 20 defined color schemes, so you just have to select the color that you like to install it. Come prepared to place a banner of 468 x 60 pixels at the top right.

Xtreme. Free Wordpress Template (2228)

Zodiac Emporium. Another newspaper style theme

zodiacemporium Zodiac Emporium is a free wordpress theme is a recurring nature. The greatest curiosity is that this template has been prepared with 12 icons in the footer to include the horoscope. This template has a 3-column layout and fixed width. It has a menu at the top for pages and other on the navigation categories. It also has a sidebar on the right ready to use widgets. Also prepared nine positions for advertising in size 125 x 125, although playing a little code can touch to make them larger positions for other banners. The color range used in this theme is black, gray and white.

Zodiac Emporium. Free Theme recurring nature (1691)

Heart shopaholics. Theme ideal for fashion blogs or shopping.


Shopaholics Heart wordpress theme is ideal for creating blogs for fashion, shopping and more. In general we could say that fits perfectly to create a blog with content dedicated to women. This template has a layout of 2 columns and the width is fixed. The sidebar is located on the right and is ready to use widgets. Also includes a special button to subscribe to the RSS and is ready for banners 125 x 125 pixels. This template combines the colors blue, pink and white which gives it a feminine touch.

Heart shopaholics. Blog Theme free for shopping or fashion (654)

Hosting Consortium. Free Template for hosting with WordPress

hostingconsortium Consortium is hosting a wordpress theme that is very interesting for users who want to start their own hosting service. The layout of this template is configured to use 3 or 4 columns. The width is fixed and has a sidebar on the right ready to use widgets. Addition is optimized to contain 125 x 125 banners pixels.

Free template for hosting (996)

Zinwave. Free WordPress Theme magazine style

zinwave Beautiful free WordPress theme that has style magazine or journal. This theme is available in both 2 columns and 3 columns. It has a fixed width and has a left sidebar widget ready. This template is the basic colors black, white and gray. No doubt a great template with some customization will allow you to mount your own digital magazine.

Zinwave. Magazine type wordpress template (2115)

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